About Clinical Trials

Before an investigational medication, device or procedure is approved for general use, it must be shown to be both well-tolerated and effective.

Doctor and Patient

This is accomplished through clinical research studies, also called clinical trials. Clinical research studies are carefully designed and monitored research studies intended to test and evaluate these investigational medications, devices or procedures. They answer important questions, such as:

  • Does it improve a patient’s symptoms?
  • Does it cause any side effects?
  • Which dose is most appropriate?

Clinical research studies are regulated by government agencies to ensure the highest standards are being met. All potential new medications must be tested in a series of clinical research studies before they can be prescribed by doctors.

Why do people participate in clinical research studies?

People who participate in clinical research studies volunteer for many reasons. Some of these are:

  • Contribute to medical science and advance potential treatments to help people manage their conditions now and in the future
  • Receive careful monitoring from medical staff throughout the study
  • Receive study-related medical tests and procedures at no cost
  • Potentially receive the investigational medication
  • Learn more about their condition and how it is managed

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