A little girl noticed that hospitalized kids didn't have stuffed animals. So, she did something about it

A recent article from CNN discusses the heartwarming story of one epilepsy patient’s desire to help other kids, and even adults, in the hospital.

Seven-year-old Alex Walker always brings her stuffed bear with her during hospital stays. However, she noticed that a lot of other people in the hospital don’t have a “friend” with them. Since then, she works with her parents to gather donations to buy comfort items that can be distributed at hospitals.

Do you have any items that help to bring you comfort during hospital stays? Share below!

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A 7-year-old with epilepsy has spent a lot of time in the hospital — and she’s always had her teddy bear to comfort her. But she noticed that other kids didn’t. So, she went on a mission to provide stuffed animals to children in hospitals, foster care and emergency situations.

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