Lupus Journeys

All throughout May we have been featuring the journeys of community members who have shared their stories with us. If you would like to share your story, please message it to us!

“Two years ago I moved from Germany to the very warm and sunny Israel. And after years and years of being sick without getting any diagnoses, I finally got one after I moved: Lupus SLE.

Since then a lot of things changed for me because the disease started to really break out after I moved. A lot of things were suddenly not possible for me anymore. I loved to do sports, going the gym and I had (even though I became sick quite a lot) a normal life.

After the break out of the disease, I started being tired all the time, and sometimes I hardly make it out of bed. Most of the time I can’t stay up longer than 8 or 9 pm. I struggled with a high fever for months and of course there weren’t sports of any kind in my life for a long time. After those long, horrible months of being sick I tried slowly to get back to sports, but at first it didn’t really work. That I wasn’t able to do the things that I loved anymore stressed me so much that my condition got worse again.

Now it’s been almost two years since my diagnosis and today, after I had a bad flare in the morning with joint pain, rashes, and a strong weakness, I managed to run a race in the evening. It was my first race since being diagnosed, and especially after what happened in the morning I am so proud that I managed to do that.

I may no longer be in the condition I used to be, but I’m 10 times more proud now when I manage to do something like a small race. Because it shows me that there is still hope! 💜

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