Another inspirational inbox message from a community member!

💌Another inspirational inbox message from a community member! 💌

Hello, I am currently 20 years old. My life hasn’t been particularly easy suffering from Epilepsy, but with the support of my family I have achieved the impossible…

Ever since I was born, I suffered with epilepsy and would have seizures three times a day. I was told by doctors I may never speak as the epilepsy impacted in my language quarter of my brain, being told I would need one to one support for the rest of my life and would never gain independence. As I was growing up, I was told about this, but me and my mum believed that we could do more to help with my communication. Even though I was having regular seizures as a child, my mum started to teach me sign language, which I still use and remember since I was a child. The doctors said I may never learn another language, but with the help and support from research into epilepsy, we was able to overcome the communication boundary and I have left college with a Higher National Diploma in Art and Design, passing my English and continue to surprise my family with my vocabulary.

This is just one of the amazing turns in my life, as after unfortunately more life-threatening seizures when reaching my teenage hood, it effected my attendance, friendships with my peers and my own self esteem. I was back and forth in and out of Great Ormand Street. Until, a spiral of events happened, after an Epileptic Fit over Five years ago now, leaving me in a wheelchair. At many times I thought of giving up, but with help from the people around me I pushed though, relearning how to walk and continue with my education..

But what shocked me the most is two years after the impacting seizure. All signs of epilepsy disappeared.. I know that this does not happen for some. But it did for me, and since.. this is where my life has taken me.

Yesterday, I passed my Practical driving. I have left with a merit in my Higher National Diploma in Art and Design, I have been accepted for many interviews, I have been able to become more independent, able to cook my own meals with out supervision and the best part is I will be on the road soon.

If I gave up many years ago, my life wouldn’t be where it has taken me today. Without the support of my friends and family, I don’t know what I would have done and it has taught me a valuable lesson: not to give up and fight though the hard times to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay strong Epilepsy Fighters! And don’t give up.

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