We love hearing about your lupus journeys!

We love hearing about your lupus journeys! If you would like to have yours shared, please send us a message; we’d love to hear from you.

“I’ve been battling lupus for 30 years. It’s a scary and unending journey. But, life carries on and you get stronger every time there’s a relapse.

For me, the relapses start with a lot of tears and depression. Then I shake myself out of it and try to battle it. Give it all I’ve got.

Today when I look back I am in perpetual pain. It never goes. Every joint pains and the reports get scarier. Every step walked is with pain but you do NOT give up.

I put up a brave front for the world, but deep within is the fear, the tears, the depressing moments and the anxiety. So…what do you do…you just wear a red dress and put on bright red lipstick and kill people with your hotness.😉😉

I hide all those lupus butterfly marks with the latest concealers and limp away… It doesn’t matter… my smile will be enough… Cheers my beautiful friends. Let’s fight it all together ❤️❤️

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